Original Tester Perfume vs Fake Tester Perfume

Original Tester Perfume vs Fake Tester Perfume

Fake perfumes have been flooding the market for a long time and consumers are still being cheated even at this second. People who are expert in perfume could easily tell if a perfume is fake and would not get cheated. However, if you are not one of these “expert” worry not, you will become one once you read through this post.

In this post we will explain and compare the differences between original tester perfume and fake tester perfume. Although our main focus on this post is “Fake Tester” but the flaws on all fakes are pretty much the same and would certainly help you identifying other fakes.

Click below tab if you need a quick cover on different types of fake perfumes.

The market has always been flooded with fake perfumes. These are the four kinds that flood the market ;

  1. 5A or AAA Grade perfumes
  2. Fake Tester Perfume (this post)
  3. Original Rejected perfume
  4. “Local” perfumes

The main reason these fake perfumes are still flooding the market is due to high profit margin earned by vendors. These profits may go as high as 500%

Consumers are always looking for best bang per buck products and naturally fell into this pit. Yes, you might think “I have a ton of experience in perfume, so no worries about this !”

Yes, yes.. having experience certainly helps but not in this case. Why? This is because these kind of vendors usually do not provide much information for their products, they even claim them to be “100% Original and all”, some even uses original perfume photos on representing their fake products.

Aside from this, you can see these kind of vendors provide numerous screenshot of feedback that praises how good the quality are which obviously has been cherry-picked to show you !

With all that, even an experienced consumer could fell for it since all one can do is take the vendor’s word for it.

We will soon cover each type of fake perfume in other post.


Tester perfume has been around the market for many years now. Over time, the demand for tester perfume has been increasing to a great extend. If you are somehow new to tester perfumes, here is a short explanation for it.

Tester perfumes are made by the same original manufacturer for testing purposes.

We are not going into a deep understanding of original manufacturer’s tester perfume as we will be having that for another post. We are here today to talk about Fake Tester Perfumes.

Yes you read that right, fake tester perfumes do exist.

Now onto the main topic, it has come to our attention that even Tester Perfumes are being imitated. It seems the demand for testers have caught the unwanted attention of fake perfume manufacturers. Throughout our research, we found that fake tester perfumes made its appearances in Malaysia market as early as 2008 and gradually expanding at a very fast pace.

In writing the content of this post, we have collected information throughout several dealers including 3 shops from KL and 2 online perfume sellers from facebook. We even bought ourselves 2 bottles of fake tester perfumes for the sake of writing this post.

We are unable disclosed these seller information as that is an unethical way of doing business.

As usual, we will go into depth on several aspect in reviewing fake tester perfumes. We will have Davidoff Champion as our primary focus and Issey Miyake Pour Homme as an subtopic below since having both at the same time would overwhelm this post.


Unlike the cheap fakes a.k.a “local” perfumes you find at the street, the price of fake tester perfumes is quite similar to Rejected Perfumes, simply said they are yet another fancy fake at a premium price tag.

Meaning, you wouldn’t get fake tester perfume at the price of a Starbucks coffee. In average they are being offered at RM 160 each, but the price for this could certainly go lower if seller are willing the cut down his big profit. A simple search on facebook “tester perfume” led us to several offers ranging from RM 100 ~ RM 160 each and one even gave us a very good offer of RM 180 for 2 bottles (regardless of what perfumes and from which brands) and we chose Davidoff Champion and Issey Miyake Pour Homme.

Interestingly, the seller even invited us to be their agent and tell us how easy it is to sell these testers. Of course, we did not doubt its saleability as we believe this is mainly due to it never occurred in anyone mind that “fake tester perfume really does exist” and being offered RM 100 a bottle for a perfume that is worth around RM 400+ in the market ?

while some are skeptical of this but some others surely took the bait.

A small tip, only fake perfumes managed to sell at a fixed price regardless brands.

Original seller will never be able to offer perfumes at a fixed price especially at the rate of RM 100 each. This is because the cost for every perfume differs and certain perfume’s cost could easily pass that point i.e. brands like Christian Dior, Chanel, Hermes, Tom Ford etc perfumes could easily cost us more than 300, so if you were to find these niche branded perfumes selling at a fixed price of i.e. 150, those are most likely fakes.


Box - Front comparison

Box – Front

Box - side comparison

Box – Side

Box - top comparison

Box – Top

Box - bottom comparison

Box – Bottom

The packaging is really good, some are literally printed pixel perfect. We are unable to tell the difference when compared side by side with an original tester perfume box. The only reason for this not being a perfect score is due to the lack of batch code number at the bottom of the box.


Aside from resembling its original look, this bottle got so many flaws making it more like a “wannabe than lookalike”

Usually our review start from the cap to bottom but in this case our fake tester perfume comes without a cap, so we start from nozzle instead.

Nozzle comparison

Both uses different kind of nozzle.

  1. Original one has a shiny surface | Fake one is slightly blurry.
  2. Different cutting design.
  3. Firm and straight | Fake one is slightly bent.
Font comparison

Onto the wordings, the font on the fake is clearly thicker. Also there is a flaw where we can easily spot a dot “.” and making it like so: Da.vidoff

tester wordings comparison

We have been selling this product from the beginning of our business and never once we seen “tester” printed on this bottle, it is usually on the bottom of the bottle as shown. Also, the text seems to be a low quality printing job.

Take note however, often times original tester perfumes do have “tester/demonstration” text on the bottle but certainly not Davidoff Champion.

Surface comparison

Overall the surface of the fake bottle is really rough when compared to the original tester perfume. This is easily seen on the highlighted area and other images in this post.

Paint comparison

We can easily see incomplete paint surrounding the nozzle revealing the inner bottle colour.

texture 1 comparison

The details on the original tester perfume is 3D which can be easily seen from the image above and if you were to touch it, you can easily feel each and every texture of it exactly like how a dumbbell should be, whereas the texture on the fake tester perfume is only slightly visible by eye. Not only it is not 3D, the entire surface is very smooth to touch.

texture 2 comparison

Just to be fair, we swapped the position of both perfumes to show the surface is not affected by any lighting issue.

bottom piece materials comparison

Both bottom piece uses different kind of materials. Although both materials are made of plastic but original tester perfume one surely does resembles a steel with it’s glossy surface whereas the material on the fake tester perfume is a matt surface giving out a cheap plasticky look.

bottom piece flat comparison

From this point of view, we can clearly see the quality difference of both materials. Also, the batch code number on the original tester perfume matches the code underneath the box.


We are finally here on the main point, the perfume itself.
However, before we start comparing them, click on the tab below if you like to read on “The effects of fake perfumes on our body”

Most experienced consumer do not take the risk on using fake perfumes as it is well known that fake perfumes not only could cause skin rashes. If the perfume itself were to land directly on your eyes, it might even cause you blindness due to the chemical substance(methanol) in these fake perfumes. Also, prolonged usage of these fake perfumes could increase the chances on heart cancer.

The common symptoms of prolonged exposure to methanol are:

  • difficulty in breathing.
  • headache.
  • nausea.
  • stomachache.

This is because original perfumes manufacturer requires licensing on all the perfume ingredients and they are all tested to be safe and allergy-free before its being distributed whereas fake perfumes manufacturer do not require nor take such procedure since it would cost a huge amount for the procedure and they would never pass the licensing anyway.

This concluded why most experienced consumer do not take the risk on using a fake one simply because risking our own health to save up some money is simply not worth it.

Source: Metro Newspaper

As usual this is difficult to test since each person has their own unique sense of smell.

First, we spray the fake one to see how close it gets to the original one.

  • Original one has a sharp scent of bergamot and lemon which is the main perfume notes of this perfume.
  • The fake one does not have that sharp scent but does remind us of the original one albeit a little soft and cloudy, it’s more like a watered down version rather than a total different scent, we must say it is really good for a fake one to be this close to the original.

Therefore, we can conclude that casual consumer will not be able to tell the difference when smelling this fake tester perfume but could surely tell the difference if compare side by side.

How long does it lasts ?

So onto fake tester perfume longevity, we tested this on a normal cotton clothes and on two person skin but the result could be vary depending on many factors which we have explained here on our faq.

The perfume in this test :

Davidoff Champion – Tester Unit 90ml against the fake tester perfume we bought.

Click here if you like to skip testing process and jump to test result below.

UPDATE on 02/04/2018 : We decided to remove (4) from being counted as how the perfume last.

  • (4) not quite noticeable is not counted since noticeable by sticking nose close enough is not how a perfume should be.

To imitate the real movement of a person, we slightly swing either clothes or hands before we try to smell it out.

Subject :

  1. 100% cotton clothes = 2 sprays
  2. human (1) = spray once on wrist.
  3. human (2) = spray once on wrist.

Level of distinguishable :

  1. Very noticeable = able to smell it from a far (3 feet)
  2. noticeable = able to smell it in close distance (2 feet)
  3. slightly noticeable = able to smell it in a very close distance (1 feet)
  4. not quite noticeable = only able to smell it when sticking nose to it.
  5. unnoticeable = smell is completely gone.

All test starts at 10:00 am
O: Original – X: Fake

Day 1 – 2:00 pm (4hours since first spray)
Clothes(1) very noticeable(2) noticeableO is pretty much the same when it was first sprayed. Top notes of the perfume is still going strong.

X has gotten much softer and the perfume dry down is quite heavy.

Human 1(2) noticeable(3) slightly noticeableO top notes have fade off, the citrus scent is still there but not quite as when it first sprayed

X top notes are completely gone, the dry down is really heavy at this point and gotten a lot softer.

Human 2(1) very noticeable(2) noticeableO top notes have fade off as well, but somehow it smells much stronger than on Human 1.

X has a heavy dry down but it’s not soft and still noticeable.


Day 1 – 6.00pm (8 hours since first spray)
Clothes(1) very noticeable(3) slightly noticeableO Top notes have fade off but the smell is still very strong and easily smell afar.

X is very soft at this point but still slightly noticeable.

Human 1(3) slightly noticeable(5) unnoticeableO has gotten a lot softer and only slightly noticeable.

X is completely unnoticeable at this point. [END]

Human 2(2) noticeable(4) not quite noticeableO is much softer than it’s previous 4 hours but still noticeable

X is too soft at this point, however unlike on Human 1 we can still smell it when we stick our nose close enough.


Day 1 – 10:00pm (12 hours since first spray)
Clothes(2) noticeable(4) not quite noticeableO is not as strong as before but still very noticeable.

X is not quite noticeable but we can still smell it with our nose close enough to it.

Human 1(4) not quite noticeable(5) unnoticeableO is really soft, not quite noticeable and only able to smell it out when our nose is close enough to it.

Human 2(3) slightly noticeable(5) unnoticeableO has a strong dry down but still slightly noticeable.

Both people have bathe twice by now so humans are no longer eligible for testing. [END]

Day 2 – 10:00am (24 hours since first spray)
Clothes(2) noticeable(5) unnoticeableO is surprisingly strong despite 24 hours since it was sprayed.

X totally unnoticeable. [END]


Day 2 – 10:00pm (36 hours since first spray)
Clothes(3) slightly noticeable(5) unnoticeableO has gotten softer than it’s previous 12 hours but the state of it is still impressive considering it has now passed 36 hours.


Day 3 – 10:00am (48 hours since first spray)
Clothes(3) slightly noticeable(5) unnoticeable48 hours passed yet it is still slightly noticeable.


Day 3 – 10:00pm (60 hours since first spray)
Clothes(4) not quite noticeable(5) unnoticeableO surprisingly performs really well on since 60 hours has passed now.


Day 4 – 10:00am (72 hours since first spray)
Clothes(4) not quite noticeable(5) unnoticeableO is still at the same state it is 24 hours ago where we can smell it if we stick our nose to it


Surprisingly, O performs better than we originally thought since 24 hours itself is already an impressive performance, and we are seeing a 48 hours mark !

ClothesAround 48 hoursAround 8 hours
Human 1Around 8 hoursAround 4 hours
Human 2Around 12 hoursAround 4 hours


As usual, perfume longevity on clothes are much better than on human skin and this is due to clothes have a better absorption than skin and often times retain the scent much longer.

Overall, we can conclude that, fake tester perfume is in fact another good quality fake and falls around rejected perfume longevity which is around 4 hours on skin and 8 hours on clothes.

Click tab below if you would like to read on why most experienced consumer do not bother with fakes.

Most experienced consumer do not bother with fakes because it is simply not worth it despite being so cheap.

Take this for an example:

  • if you were to buy a Triple A’s perfume at the price of RM 60 and it lasts you about 1 ~ 3 hours and requires you to spray again to extend the duration whenever the smell fades off, you are better off buying an original tester perfume at RM 150 where it could easily last an entire day.

In other words, despite both being same size, you will finish up the fake one 3 ~ 4 times quicker than an original one. You do the math.

Other Tips to recognize Fake Testers.

side to side - issey comparison

See how identical they are? Can you find out the flaw ?
However this time, we will only discuss those that are not mentioned earlier.

colour comparison

By positioning this way, we can see the colour on the fake one is overly yellow.

transparency comparison

By placing a vibrant object behind, we can easily see the fake one is overly transparent.

bottom ring 1 comparison

The ring underneath a glass bottle bottom is called as “pontil mark” but premium and luxury products like perfume often has it position nicely and uniform, then has it polished to perfection resulting a gentle to touch surface.

As highlighted, the fake one had a failed ring positioning and ran outside of the bottom, easily seen as a rough job.

bottom ring 2 comparison

Not only the fake one has a failed ring positioning, the ring is very thick but it’s bumped outward.  We can easily feel the ring by sliding our fingers underneath the bottle from point A to point B.

Original one as usual often has it polished to perfection giving a smooth to touch surface.

Take note however, this only applies to those perfume with glass bottom and supposed smooth endings.

box - issey comparison

Batch code on the fakes are printed directly on the box. Batch code changes each time manufacturer produces a new batch ,which is why it is called a “batch” code and normally stamped(instead of print) or sticker beneath or behind the box since batch code changes frequently.

However someone genius on the fake manufacturer decided to print this along with the title and all. Also, our research found that, 4 out of 5 that sell fake testers (1 vendor does not have this in-stock) actually try to sell us the same Issey Miyake Pour Homme with the same batch code to us !

Aside from this, one of our customers tell us his fake tester batch code(under bottle) matches 2 vendors perfume batch code despite bought it 2 years ago.

Therefore, we can conclude that fake manufacturer do not update the batch code regardless number of batches they made.


To conclude this post, fake tester perfumes is yet another mediocre quality fake with a premium price tag and with that price, you are better off buying an original tester perfume.

So the next time you are off buying some cheap perfumes, a few things to checklist are :

  1. Check bottle thoroughly, even tiny details matter !
  2. Avoid when seller puts a fixed price on all perfumes no matter the brands.
  3. Avoid any seller that is not reputable.
  4. Avoid sellers that do not have real reviews and provide only screenshots that has been cherry-picked to show you.

See any of above?


Nowadays it is easy to find a reputable original perfume seller simply by doing a background check on their company.

ACHARR is definitely one of the reputable sellers you can consider, our business has been operating since 2012 and we have a physical store in Ampang(Malaysia) that opens daily. Honesty is our principle in business, When you shop with us, you are guaranteed 100% Original products at an honest price.

If you think our post has been helpful to you, why not share it to your friends so they too can know the differences.

Do you have something to add to this post, or any question for us ?
Simply drop a comment below.

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hello! thank for this article. it is an eye opener for me as well as everybody else. i recently purchase a perfume online from a perfume blog and it cost me half the original price. i buy it to really testify if its really original or fake. however, after receiving the item, it shocked me where the smell is very strong unlike the original one which have different notes. the perfume i buy is Dunhill desire silver 100ml EDT.

as i compared the packaging and bottle with the original, the fake one was almost 99% the same regardless the batch number and bar code.

i have learned the lesson. better stick to original and physical retailer. Thanks!


harga perfume di instagram juga mcm tu 150 ke atas depend pada brand?how to spot fake jika seller di instagram write “money back guarantee”?

Hi Muhammad Adib Faisal, susah juga nak tau kalau seller tunjuk gambar sahaja, lebih senang klau boleh sentuh perfume tu sendiri, paling senang kalau bawa perfume tu pergi mana-mana original retailer macam Parkson lepas tu compare side-by-side dengan tester situ.

Apa yang seller cakap main peranan penting dalam pemikiran kami. “Money back guarantee” tu dapat boost trustworthy seller kat customer, buat customer fikir “tak mungkin palsu kalau dia berani buat money back guarantee”, lagipun tak ramai orang yang tahu bezakan original ke palsu so even dapat yang palsu dia orang cuma fikir “memang begini kot perfume ni” sampai ada peluang compare side-by-side baru dia orang sedar.


Saya ad purchase dari insta sperti perfume galore ktenya 100% original saya amik brand Sauvage by christian dior juice inside very powerful 24 hour easily but saya prasan tiub on mne2 brand dior transparent n rotation on magnetic cap x tendang keluar bila twist ke arah belainanan so bila disoal ktenya supplier tukar atomizer tiub and bru jual blik so agk kliru

Hi Adib Faisal, macam biasa kami tidak akan comment pasal company lain. untuk jawab soalan anda;

1) Terpulang pada brand, yang ni biasanya berlaku pada cap yang base dia bulat saja. Sesetengah brand pasang dua biji magnet untuk lock position cap so arah logo dia selalu hadap depan, so masa kamu buka tu akan tendang keluar sebab dua magnet itu bertentang arah.

2) Yang ni tak logik, sebab setahu kami even distributor kami pun takkan tukar tiub ataupun apa2 yang dalam perfume, sebab kami tak boleh pasang balik perfume tu klau dh buka. Ikutkan biasa klau ada apa2 masalah, kami return produk ke distributor, distributor return ke manufacturer sebab semua barang ni branded produk, tak boleh main repair2 ke modify2 lepas tu ambil jual.


Thanks for the info saya amat2 hargainya kena lebih brhti2 lps ni….

You’re welcome, memang kena hati2 sebab banyak perfume palsu di Asia.


nice info, baru ni member ajak jual yg tester unit,heehee… persoalanya kenapa tester unit di keluarkan secara banyak2? tu yg saya muyskil sikit

Hi Zuhairi, good question. setahu kami, ratio retail unit to tester unit adalah 12:1 so tak lah kata banyak sangat.. cuma sesetengah company macam kita focus lebih pada tester tapi itu pun selalu ada juga tester unit yang tiada stok. Jawapan ni tuju pada original tester saja sebab kalau yang tester palsu dia orang boleh je buat seberapa banyak yang dia orang perlukan.

Waktu kami tulis topic ini, fake tester tak lah sebanyak sekarang, sekarang search saja google dah banyak jual tester palsu sebotol harganya 100 saja pastu claim original dari US, aduhh.. conclusion: kena pandai2 shopping di Malaysia


Hi there, this is an impressive post with lots of honesty and good information!
Can I ask –
a ) do all testers have batch codes ?
b) I noted some testers in my country come without caps, but some are with caps, and some comes in a tester box (usually white or manila paper style), while some come in original packaging. Is there a hard and fast rule how a tester should look like in terms of the caps and type of packaging?

Hi, thanks for the compliment on our post !

a) Yes, we would say almost all of them have batch code number on them, most of the cases both bottle and box has the same batch code, however there can be cases like “Salvatore Ferragamo” testers where batch code can only be found on bottle but not on the box.

Take note: reference number and batch code number is different, reference number is there to represent the perfume and never changes, example for Versace Eros Ref: 740060 but has a batch code of: GD1722

b) There is no hard rule in defining how the testers come with. But usually it depends on the brand itself, example: Paris Hilton always come with a recycled paper box instead of white box, also their testers never came with any cap but always with a small cardboard roll around their nozzle preventing it from being spray when in box. Other brand like Armani, often comes with their own original cap and a white printed box.

You can check the image at the link below
(recycled paper box) Paris Hilton > select options > tester unit
(white box) Armani > select options > tester unit


Hai saya nak tanya macam mana cara nak membezakan versace eros tester dgn versace eros fake taster .??
Saya harap admin boleh bagi jawapan .thanks sgt2

Hi, disebabkan kami tiada perfume fake tester versace eros maka susah kami nak berikan detail perbezaannya sebab tak dapat nak compare side-by-side. Oleh sebab itu, kami cuma boleh berikan tips sahaja dan bukannya fakta untuk kes ini. Ikutkan biasa, tahap fake tester copy dia hampir sebiji dan tidak dapat dibezakan sekiranya di pandang semata. Lagi-lagi kotak printing memang tahap tiada beza pastu tulisan tester di perfume pun ada juga.

Cara dapat bezakan biasanya dari segi detail kecil seperti;

1) cara printing tulisan dekat botol (walaupun fake tester ada tulisan tester tapi selalunya akan ada perbezaan dari segi printing, mungkin tulisan tebal sikit ataupun kurus sikit.)

2) Penutup pun main peranan penting dimana ramai tak perhatikan ini, lagi-lagi detail penutup versace eros kat penutup sungguh teliti(sebab ada logo versace), besar kemungkinan akan nampak perbezaannya apabila compare side-by-side.

3) Pastu yang paling senang tengok tu kualiti botol kaca, yang original selalunya perfect dan licin tak kira mana-mana termasuk bawah botol dimana fake tester selalunya tak polish elok2 maksudnya senang jumpa bahagian yang kasar ataupun pontil mark yang timbul.

4) Bau perfume tak kira semana macam original, confirm tak sama apabila compare side-by-side. So untuk pengguna yang memang dah biasa dengan perfume tersebut bau sekali dah tahu original ke tak.

5) Harga pun satu juga, selalunya fake tester jual kat harga RM 80 ~ RM 120 sebotol x kira apa brand. Cuba tengok produk2 lain yg dijual seller tersebut sekiranya nampak semua lebih kurang satu harga, confirm palsu dah. Lagi2 kalau nampak ada brand macam Dior, Chanel, Creed ke apa2 brand lain yang mahal jual dalam harga sedemikian, tak perlu check lagi, confirm palsu.

Harap tips-tips yang kami berikan dapat membantu anda.


Terima kasih dengan tips yang admin berikan saya sangat2 nenghargainya ,..
Saya tanya soalan ni sebab ada seller di facebook buat promosi jualan akhir tahun . Dan saya musykil juga sebab seller jual versace eros tester pada harga promosi RM120 include postage .. apa pendapat admin tentang perkara ni .??

Maaf ye, kami tak dapat nak bagi comment terhadap seller lain tapi just so you know, selama kami business sekali pun kami tak pernah jual versace eros atas harga RM 120 walaupun sini harga borong sebab tak mungkin kami mampu jual harga demikian(setahu kami company lain yang reputable begitu jua) tapi of course ni tak bermakna seller lain tak mampu. Disebabkan online, yang dapat tengok cuma gambar saja dan banyak tips tidak dapat dipakai. Kami akan nasihat anda refer kepada tips no.5 tadi.


hai saya nak tanya..kod bagi setiap perfume tu ada kemungkinan sama ke? atau kod bagi setiap perfume jenama yang sama kadang2 ada yang sama? contohnya chanel coco mademoiselle batch 2015, adakah kemungkinan kod padanya sama? sebab sy ada nampak seller jual code pada perfume adalah 0901..dan bila saya search code tu, rupanya ramai lagi seller jual perfume dgn code yg sama..0901 tu..and claimed ori..adakah perfume tu ori atau sebaliknya? thanks for replies..btul2 nak tahu..

Hi, biasanya batch code lain2 ikut kepada brand dia. Kalau kamu tanya berkaitan individual produk, biasanya batch code berubah setiap batch dan ada berapa batch dalam setahun(itu lah namanya batch code dan bukan annual code). Satu batch tu jumlahnya besar so ada kemungkinan juga seller2 dapat batch code yang sama sekiranya ambil stok pada waktu sama. Tetapi jikalau kata daripada 2015 tu, peluangnya tipis sebab situasi ni cuma boleh berlaku sekiranya;

1) seller2 ambil stok pada waktu sama, pastu seller2 semua ni tak dapat jual produk batch itu sampai sekarang. (dimana daripada 2015 tu 3 tahun)
2) seller2 ambil stok 2015 sebab dapat harga cost yang rendah, tapi mungkin ke semua seller2 semua dapat batch yang sama daripada tahun 2015? di mana batch lain 2015 ? dan sekarang 2016 pun dah kira sebagai old stock, kenapa tak ambil yang 2016 ?
3) seller2 ambil stok tak tentu masa, tapi tak kira bila ambil, batch code semuanya sama, itu pasal batch code produk seller ni semua sama.

Mengikut logik, (3) adalah situasi yang lebih menyakinkan. Boleh juga baca post atas bahagian sebelum [Conclusion] dimana kami bincang berkaitan kes ini juga.

Disebabkan soalan yang diberikan ini berkaitan dengan brand yang mahal, boleh pakai tips (harga) yang kami baru reply kat comment lain.
– selalunya fake tester jual kat harga RM 80 ~ RM 120 sebotol x kira apa brand. Cuba tengok produk2 lain yg dijual seller tersebut sekiranya nampak semua lebih kurang satu harga, confirm palsu dah. Lagi2 kalau nampak ada brand macam Dior, Chanel, Creed ke apa2 brand lain yang mahal jual dalam harga sedemikian, tak perlu check lagi, confirm palsu.

Harap jawapan kami dapat membantu anda.


Saya pnh tgk high quality fake tester eros. Pada pandangan saya pada fake tester eros dia punya cap still ad medusa logo bwh cap tapi ringan and original heavy. Selain tu dye punya atomizer point fake is white the and original black. Last is tiub atomizer fake nmpk jelas but original transparent jernih. If pgg kdua2 botol dgn tgn sndri kita boleh rasa quality botol tu sndri much more smoother. Fake is trash hahahaha


Thanks for the article! I was about to pay a huge amount on ebay for niche testers, but Ive changed my mind! It is not too late! I never thought in my life that niche testers can be fake! I found online stores where they sell niche bottles for the 10% of the original price and they say they sell only original perfumes from the Netherlands! For example Creed Bois du Portugal for 50 dollars! Kurkdjian Baccarat for 60 dollars! Tom Ford even cheaper! Hah! I dont know authorities why let them work?! I almost was cheated! Where are the niche fake perfumes produced? China?

Thanks for the compliment! we are unsure why the authorities allow this as well. There are even shops in our shopping mall that carry these fake testers yet claiming it to be original. Price is always the easiest way to tell especially for those niche and expensive perfumes. Good thing you are skeptical, else you would be another victim. Anyway, we are very happy to know our article has been helpful to you.



This is original tester?

[Link provided by user has been removed by admin]

Hello Tomas, apologize we are unable to provide an answer for the sake of professionalism in business especially when it involves 3rd party but you can always use the tips of identifying a fake tester perfume by price especially when it comes to expensive luxury brands like Tom Ford, Dior, Creed etc


you know what, thank god you made this blog about fake perfumes now i’ll be more aware from those fake perfumes. but i wanna ask what do you actually mean by fixed price bcs i saw one seller on instagram sells versace eros tester unit for rm 150 and said it’s original with money back guarantee. what i want to point out here is actually what does the fixed price mean issit like 150,160,180 something? hoping that you will restock your versace eros soon cus i’m looking forward to buy that perfumes.

Hi, thanks for the compliment on our post!

1) “Fixed price” meaning seller put a single price on all their perfumes, it can be any number but fixed for all regardless the brands.

2) As for the “money back guarantee”, you can refer to our reply on “Adib Faisal” where he asked the same question. Basically it is just a way for them to gain their trustworthy, also most people do not realize the existence of fake tester perfume and the chances of them believing “Versace Eros is a weak perfume” is higher than “My Versace Eros is fake”.

We often restock Versace Eros but often sold out in a short time. Please join waiting list for now and get notified by email when we restock again.


Terima kasih atas infonya 🙂


Ya, saya pun hampir terkena. Nasib saya baik terbaca Acharr blog ini dan saya biasa pakai perfume Dior Sauvage yang dibeli dari kaunter and trusted oversea online sejak 2015 lagi. Pesanan saya jaga2 jika beli di mudah…banyak yang menipu dan claimed original 100%.

Got many unethical perfume seller in mudah.my claim original dior sauvage but totally fake / counterfeit as below:

it is easy to detect fake dior sauvage either EDP or EDT:
1) Top of the cap is totally flat and not semi-rounded..to check it u need to put in flat surface.
2) The magnet on the cap is super strong, u can shake the bottle by holding the cap without drop and got North-South orientation to make CD sign horizontal(new high-end conterfeit also got gthis orientation).
3) The bottle, original bottle glass itself colored, fake using high-end paint on glass). The circle-wording bottom of the bottle is engraved, fake using print. CD word was sharp, fake blur and thick and like CID’.
4) If for the original tester, the box is totally white without any printing word in it and just using printed sticker on top box.

Semoga maklumat ini berguna, Sekian.


Sigh should have found this forum first before i bought the dior sauvage edp on Instagram. It’s annoying that you got the same batch code as in the video showing the fake one with the same batch code of 8A03. I have to be careful next time. I hope these sellers will get karma for lying to so many people. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XdUNGyAwv4s

And one of them even show that she bought Tom Ford from Seph*ra showing the batch code at the bottom are not well placed and stuff and saying even Seph*ra give that kind of quality and even show the receipt that cost her rm988.
Be careful out there guys. now they always say “no fussy buyers” “no refund” and i admit i was stupid. no more.


Very weldone , An eye opening article , i am a victom of these fraudulent .