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General FAQ

Yes. All products at ACHARR are guaranteed 100% original and authentic be it regular size, miniatures or even sample vials.

We strictly do not sell any fakes related products and conduct our business with one simple principle, honesty.

Honesty in business

What we seek is continuous support from our customers and not just one time purchase. The key in doing so is honesty.

Many vendors out there are seen to be treating their customers like a fool, and we are saying these because they knowingly sell fake products to their customers yet claiming it to be an original one. You might have tricked them once but certainly not again. You think you have won but in the end you are the one that loses.

And we are certainly not here to lose. We treat our customers with respect and honesty, we seek for a long term relationship with our customers instead of one time purchase which we have been doing since we are established. You can have a peace of mind when you shop here as we guarantee you ;

NO Rejects, NO Grades, NO Fakes
Zero chance encountering a fake product.
100% Original products, Shop Confidently.

Honest price

Doubting our products are unbelievably too cheap? Here’s how we managed to crank down that price.
The reason on how we could offer these low prices is simply.. an honest price. We cut down our profit margin greatly in order to provide a very low wholesale price.

The prices you see here is the best price we could offer as we do not play around our prices by marking them up then discount for you.

Now, why in the world would any business cut down their profit margin ?
This is simply because we have decided to hop off the typical mindset of “profit per product” and started to embrace sales volume.

and we dare to say, our price is the lowest in Malaysia for an ORIGINAL one.

Yes ! our wholesale price is OPEN to everyone.
No matter if you are a casual buyer or a big buyer, you still get our wholesale price.

We are still a small company but offering the lowest price in Malaysia. We are very well aware our current biggest challenge is our stocks and certainly working hard on it to increase our stocks and planned to have it doubled up in 2018.

In the meanwhile, please use [Filter] feature while shopping at our website to show only instock products, this way all the products you see are instock and ready to ship.

Below is a short guide on how to use filter feature.

  1. Click on [Filter products] (highlighted in above image)
  2. Select filter options i.e. in this case select [in stock] under Product Availability.
  3. Click on [Filter selected]
  4. Done.

Now only in stock products are shown.

Yes, we do have a physical retail store where customers can come to buy products or collect their online purchased products.

Please click here for more information of our retail store.

All orders submitted will be fulfilled and ship out to courier on the next working day.

We will immediately update tracking numbers upon shipped out.
Customers can easily track each order by going

  1. [My Account] > [My Orders]
  2. View your order.
  3. Click on track button.

Estimated delivery time ranges from 1 working day up to 3 working days.

All the items are handled with care and protected by either bubble wraps or packing polystyrene before placing into the shipping box along with fragile stickers to ensure the items you ordered arrive safely.

Unfortunately we do not offer COD services but customers could always collect their online purchased products or shop at our retail store and save up the delivery charges.

If you found provided address is wrong, updating the address in [My Account] will only be reflected on next order and not submitted order. Please notify us if you want to make changes for submitted order by contacting us immediately. We will no longer be able to change any address of posted out parcel.

Take note that:

It is your responsibility to provide us the correct shipping address, we shall not bear the fault of wrongly delivered, cost of re-shipping the item due to wrong address nor pay for any losses made by courier.

You may immediately collect your online purchased product at our boutique.

However, we will require a verification from either one below :

1)  Customers will be required to show original order receipt to us on mobile phone or laptop provided at our boutique.
Original order receipt can be found by logging in your account at
My Account > My Orders > Select the order you are collecting.

2) Our system automatically generate a unique security barcodes for every order. Let us know the unique barcodes on the order which you are collecting, once matched, you may collect it.
My Account > My Orders > Select the order you are collecting > Barcodes is located in Order Details.

For security purposes and in avoiding any miscollections by unknown third party, we will reject any collection if the verification process fail.

IF you are having someone else on behalf to collect the items, please :

  • Print/Screenshot or Copy/Paste the order details (with barcodes) and provide to the person for verification with us.
    *order number #xxxxxxx and barcodes are mandatory during verification.

ACHARR Cash Points is a loyalty program where customers are awarded with points for every ringgit spent, cash points can be use on direct discounting upon checkout.

Earn 1 point with every RM 1 spent.
Earn 25 points when you review perfume on our website.

Get RM 2 discount by redeeming 100 points.

There is no expiry date for cash points.

If you are buying more at once, be sure to take advantage of our Bulk Purchase Discounts, on top of our wholesale price we top it off  with an even bigger discounts when you checkout by Direct Bank Transfer !

Bulk Purchase Discounts

Automatically get discount when your total order hits a certain amount and checkout by Direct Bank Transfer.

RM 300 – Bulk Purchase 2%
Get 2% off when total exceed RM 500

RM 500 – Bulk Purchase 3%
Get 3% off when total exceed RM 500

RM 1000 – Bulk Purchase 4%
Get 4% off when total exceed RM 1000

RM 2000 – Bulk Purchase 5%
Get 5% off when total exceed RM 2000

RM 3000 – Bulk Purchase 6%
Get 6% off when total exceed RM 3000

RM 4000 – Bulk Purchase 7%
Get 7% off when total exceed RM 4000

RM 5000 – Bulk Purchase 8%
Get 8% off when total exceed RM 5000

Total amount to be eligible for discount does not include shipping fees.

Bulk Purchase Discounts is available too when you pay us by cash at our retail store.

Yes, we do offer dropship services.

Rest assured, dropship parcel sender info will not be our company(ACHARR) but your billing info instead.

Below are the steps to dropship / shipping to other address.
On checkout page :

  1. Fill recipient details and address under [ SHIP TO A DIFFERENT ADDRESS ? ]
  2. Is this a dropship order?
  3. Select “Yes, use my billing info as sender”
  4. Fill in your recipient contact number in Order Notes (important)
    – Otherwise courier might call you up for any delivery issues.

Please take notes of below :

  1. It is your responsibility to provide us the correct dropship details, we shall not bear the fault of wrongly delivered nor pay for any losses made by courier.
  2. If you found any wrongly provided details submitted, updating the address will only be reflected on next order and not submitted order. Please notify us if you want to make changes for submitted order by contacting us.

By default, we fill in dropship sender info with your billing details. If you wish to change this, please leave a note on the order.

If the perfume you’re looking for is not instock, please select option > click [Add to My Waiting List]

We prioritize our stocks intake based on number of waiting on the perfume, also because we are still a small business, sometimes we may not cover all the perfume in waiting list. Unlike in-stock items, it takes time for pre-order products to arrive.

Please refer here for an estimated pre-order time.

We submit our orders once every 2 months. The reason for the long period in between is due to we accumulate our orders in order to get a better cost on all our products so that we could provide a very low wholesale price for all our customers.

We are still a small company and in achieving a certain volume at our current state requires 2 months BUT ! we are certainly growing at a vert fast pace and with your support and others, we believe we could reach our goal sooner than expected which is once a month, then twice a month.

Like previously said, we are a small company in this highly competitive market, we rely on the word-of-mouth of our customers like you in order to grow. If you would like to help us, why not leave a review on our facebook page ?

Click here to review us on our facebook page.

There is always a new perfume coming out, even at this moment. We can hardly cover them all even if we wanted to. When the product you want is unavailable, please do contact us about it and we will check if we could bring them into our products catalog.

First of all, thank you for your interest in buying from us, unfortunately at this moment we only ship locally within Malaysia and do not accept any order made out of country.

A company can only grow better by listening to their customers.
If you have any suggestion for us to be a better one, please let us know !

Click here to visit our contact us page.

If you found any errors be it the system or grammar, please do not hesitate and contact us about it so that we could fix it and provide a better shopping experience for all our beloved customers.

Click here to visit our contact us page.

First, we deeply regret and apologize for making you frustrated, angry or in any kind of inconvenience caused. We understand sometimes we did bad and deserved to be scold at but ! we would really appreciate if you could give us a chance in fixing the situation and prevent that from happening again.

Let us know what we did wrong by contacting us ;
Please click here to visit our contact us page.

Products FAQ

Yes, all the perfumes sold at ACHARR are guaranteed to be 100% Original.
We strictly do not sell any fakes related products.
NO Rejects, NO Grades, NO Fakes

Sometimes packaging, be it the box or bottle may arrived differently from it’s usual packaging, this is due to manufacturer made changes to it and this immediately reflected on the products sold at ACHARR.
This is because we always stock in the latest manufactured perfumes and do not take in any old stocks.

Perfume longevity may depends on factors such as perfume type, surrounding temperature, body chemistry and immunity.

Perfume Type
Eau de Toilette : Last up to 6 hours on skin, up to 10 hours on clothes
Eau de Parfum : Last up to 8 hours on skin, up to 16 hours on clothes
Pure Parfum : Last up to 10 hours on skin, up to 24 hours on clothes

Above is just a rough expectations on longevity.

A cold surrounding holds stronger for perfume whereas a warmer surrounding weaken a perfume lasting power, this is because heat volatilizes perfume quicker.

Body Chemistry
Each person is unique, therefore perfume reacts differently from person to person. Sometimes a perfume may not last on a certain person but lasts immensely long on the other person. The only way to find out if a perfume matches your body chemistry is by testing out first and this is the reason we do not recommend in blind buying.

Every person is born with a different degree of immunity. Immunity can also be build up throughout our life. This can happens when we are exposed to strong scents over time.

A life example would be if a person were to use the same perfume daily, he himself would start being immune to the perfume scent and when this happens, even though the scent is there, he will no longer being able to smell the perfume as like how the first time he tries it. To prevent this from happening, we advise customer to switch to different perfume every other day.

All perfumes at ACHARR are sold at wholesale price which is why our offerred price is way cheaper when compared to other retailers.

If you are looking for a detailed explanation on how we manage to offer this price, please click here.

Retail unit is made by the original manufacturer for selling purposes.
Retail unit perfumes are the one commonly sold at any authentic perfume boutique.

Retail unit perfumes sold at ACHARR last exactly as how long it is intended by the original manufacturer.
There is no quality differences since they are made by the same original manufacturer.

Retail unit comes with a beautiful and fancy packaging. The outer packaging is often covered with thin-layered plastic to protect it.

Tester perfumes are made by the same original manufacturer for testing purposes. However, rest assured as all the tester units sold at ACHARR is new, untested and completely full in bottle.

Tester perfumes scent last exactly like the retail unit one since there’s no difference in terms of quality and longevity between tester unit and retail unit.
But some people tends to believe tester unit’s perfume last longer than a retail one since it is for promoting purposes.

Unlike retail unit’s fancy packing, tester unit is not meant for selling therefore often comes in a plain brown or white box. Often times wordings like “Tester”, “Demonstration”, “Not For Sale” can be found on either the box or the bottle.
If you don’t need the fancy outer packaging, tester unit is always the right choice to go for and the savings is always worth it !

This FAQs Page will be updated from time to time especially when we received a new question that does not exist in this page.
If your questions are not found here, please do not hesitate and contact us about it. Thank you.